smart online inventory tracking oh, and by the way, it’s FREE
FREE Cloud based inventory/asset tracking software
Managing your business has never been easier Chimboo’s roots can be traced back to the philosophy that has and 
still is what we stand for, and that is "Make smart choices", not only in 
life but in business. Business to us is coming together and solving problems, making it faster, easy to use and cost effective. Chimboo will impact your life and business by saving you time and money. We’ve developed a whole new interface, giving you statistics and analytics at your fingertips, to help you run your business smarter. Chimboo makes tracking your inventory or assets easier than ever with 2.0 and again we made it free because we believe it just makes sense.
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Single Screen
Control Center Control Inventory
Import & Export Reorder
Suggestions Quicker Inventory
Audits Manage
Multiple Locations Detailed "Pull"
History & More... Separate Corporate Data
FEATURES Smart, Powerful yet Intuitive
  • 1. Construction
    Decrease tool and other on-site asset losses. With Chimboo you can track who, what and when items are being checked in or out.
  • 2. Manufacturing
    Track all in and out going shipments while aligning your operations, and help suggest when or what products or items should be reorder.
  • 3. Warehouse
    Chimboo lets you track all shipments, receivables and complete cycle counts in record time. Always know when and where items are being scanned and by who regardless of location.
  • 4. Office/Administration
    Use photo verification, tag locations, record model and serial numbers for permanent record keeping. Chimboo can manage your company's fixed assets in a matter of minutes not hours.
  • 5. Food/Beverage
    Chimboo can help you identify raw ingredients with unit of measure and track log/batch numbers for FDA record keeping.
It's A Cloud Thing
Secure access when you needed it
Along with Chimboo's advanced features, you will get peace of mind knowing your data is secure and accessible 24/7. That's because Chimboo is a cloud based software, so that you can access your data from anywhere that you would normally access the internet.
Do you need a full Solution?
Put the power in your hands with a Chimboo Scanner
Small size, big performance for workflow efficiency Light, compact, and easy to use, the Chimboo Scanner is built to meet your needs in 
any retail or manufacturing application, giving you the full solution for total 
control. It’s packed with tons of features and comes with long-lasting power performance and wireless connectivity for easy upload. The Chiomboo Scanner is just what you need to increase productivity, deliver 
quality customer service, and generate instant profits. A perfect addition to and recommended by Cobra Systems, Inc.
You can find Chimboo Scanner and much more at
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