eBarcode.com & Chimboo.com

eBarcode.com and Chimboo.com are registered trademark™ brands and product lines of Cobra System®. All rights reserved.

Cobra Systems based in Anaheim, California, is an industrial printer manufacturer and distributor of high quality products and services for Automatic-Identification, Data Capture and Safety Signage Labeling.

eBarcode.com launched in 1997, offers exceptional products and systems which have evolved from the 25 years of industry experience here at Cobra Systems. eBarcode.com allows you, the customer the benefit of excellent hand selecting products, hardware and supplies, all at the best possible prices. Our large inventory of Bar Code Scanners, Thermal Transfer Printers, Labels, and Thermal Ribbon can all be found at e-Barcode.com. The easiest shopping experience one can have without leaving the office. Whether you need Labels, Tags or Ticket Printers, we carry it all, from Labeling or Barcode Printers to full solution inventory tracking software. It’s the single best place to buy your common printer supplies as well as the more unique and specialty printers and scanners. And don’t forget, most products can ship the same day, just ask your sales or customer service representative by calling 1-800-400-6437.

Chimboo.com is what happens when you work with customers long enough and close enough. You really start to understand the difficulty in inventory tracking solutions that can hold back a business from growing and succeeding. Through our partnership with you, our customers, we have developed a great cloud based inventory “Tracking and Asset” management tool, and better yet we are giving it to you and the world, absolutely FREE. That’s right FREE! No gimmicks and no contracts. Just sign up and get organized. Chimboo lets you scan in your product, if you have the equipment or just simply enter it in manually and it’s all saved to the cloud. You can access it anywhere or anytime with an internet connection, run on-hand inventory reports or suggest inventory to reorder. Save time and money, but best of all you finally know where all your stuff is.

Cobra Systems also hopes to educate and promote the implementation of Automatic-Identification and Data Capture into all logical areas of technology, business or management environments. Technology is constantly changing our lives and our expectations... we look forward to being there with you, hand-in-hand!